Book series

Facemask Fun with Hamilton: Birthday Time!
Hamilton goes to a friend’s birthday, keeping a distance during the entire party and with all the activities.

Facemask Fun with Hamilton: At the Zoo
Hamilton goes to to the zoo. He shares a lot of fun facts about some animals he sees as well as applying safe practices.

Facemask Fun with Hamilton: Questions for My Favorite Animals
Hamilton asks different animals unique questions and gets some creative responses from each animal. It’s a whimsical exchange and the responses are not factual, just fun. *NOTE: This book also offered in paperback in addition to Kindle eBook. Inside pages of printed version are black and white.

Facemask fun with Hamilton: Colors: What colors do you see?
Hamilton asks young readers what colors they observe on facemasks around them.

Facemask fun with Hamilton: Sports
Hamilton asks young readers what sports they see on facemasks.

Facemask Fun with Hamilton: What do you see
Hamilton encourages young readers to observe different prints on facemasks.